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♪ Greetings! ♪

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Hello! My name is River and I am the founder of this wonderful group designed for welcoming new deviants to the community!

There are a few rules that need to be addressed if you're going to be part of this group:

1) No harassment in any way, shape, or form
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2) Let me, or the co-founder(s) know if something is wrong so we can help!
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DeviantArt has taken a lot of hard hits as of late. Be it trolls, art thieves, or hackers (uplifting start, eh?). But I'm not trying to scare you out of joining!

DeviantArt is a place where artists, writers, and people in general can share, favorite, and discuss art pieces and get to know each other!

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Hi, guys! It's Karianna, the other founder!

Hope you enjoy it here, and Happy Holiday! Whichever one is closest!

This person is a dweeb, and will help you in any way possible.


Group Info

This group was designed to welcome new deviants to the deviantART community! New deviants can post their artwork and get llama badges from the people in this group!
Founded 10 Months ago
Aug 5, 2016


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93 Members
92 Watchers
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Hey everybody! :wave: revamp 

So due to recent occurrences, I have decided to make a journal about some things you should look out for when you're here on DeviantART. Unfortunately, DeviantART is also and has been subject to trolls, hackers, art thieves, and the like. I know this isn't the most cheerful subject to discuss, but it needs to be addressed.

If you're here for help about trolls/stalkers/etcOkay so people who are sending me notes about trolls, stalkers, any problems like that, Arrow leftplease read THIS WHOLE JOURNALArrow right because it has EVERYTHING you need to know to deal with: 
lolitrollu trolls
Stalker stalkers 
Haruka Saigusa (Bullied) [V6] bullies
Slowpoke-and anyone else who is harassing you.
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How do I know? In search for answers 

Usually there are a few indicators I can provide that can help you protect yourself and your fellow deviants from falling victim to these types of people. For example, if you suddenly find your account deactivated without your input. Or if it appears you're posting things you either don't remember or don't normally post. One time my friend got hacked and the hacker put a journal up posing as her 'brother' saying that she had died in a car accident when she was in perfect health.

Types Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Cupcake - GIF 

As I mentioned before, there are a few different types of these kinds of people. I will explain each below.


Unfortunately, I encountered one of these--> This is what I get for trying to be nice by riverofchaos1125
They aren't nice people. They make accounts for the soul purpose of trash talking and putting people down as you can see from this deviation. You know this is a troll  from a few red flags. The first one being their username. The second red flag when you go to the page, is the comment he left me. The final one being the age. 16? Really?

Art Thieves CURSE YOU! 

One of the more annoying types of people you find on dA. Here are a couple of journals concerning art thieves-->
  Art Thief!Found Art Thief!
So I was looking at this picture and it looked a lot different in style, coloring, and quality than any other of his art. I backtracked it to a twitter artist/rper.
I discovered that he had actually stolen more.
Tagging all of my watchers to spread the word and report him
 <da:thumb id="631794680"/>
As the name suggests, art thieves steal other people's art and try to claim it as their own. The best way to try and combat this is to apply watermarks to all of your original pieces so it's clear that this is yours and no one else's. You can also put buttons like these-->:icondonotuseplz: :icondonotuse-plz::icondonotuse-plz2:

Another way to combat this is to apply the default watermark on any original piece you submit. In the submit window, there is a checkbox that says 'Add Watermark'. If you don't see it, you can adjust the display size and when it appears, check it. It will automatically place a watermark that would be difficult if not impossible to remove watermark. That way people know it's yours and yours only.

Hackers Rage 

This one I don't know how to completely combat, but I have heard stories about people's accounts getting hacked and deactivated. How do you know when your account is being hacked? Glad you asked!

If it appears that there are posts that you don't remember or would never post, that is a dead giveaway. Another indication is if your points disappear. I've heard stories of that too. Another tell tale sign is if your account is deactivated without your input.

The best thing I would do is make sure you have a secure password you can remember. I hope this helps!

Recently, I was told of a hacker hacking groups and deleting submissions from galleries. My group DeviousWelcomes and my friend Green-Eyed-Dragoness 's group MakeDAGreatAgain were hacked. Luckily, DeviousWelcomes didn't get hit too hard, but MakeDAGreatAgain did. Hopefully things will get straightened out. Here's the journal about said hacker:

Group Hackers on the Loose!!!So, recently, there has been a hacker going around hacking groups, removing every submission, and editing the group.
These are the accounts:
:new: oh boy, another similar account has been made....
The first group to be affected by this was the living-aircrafts-01 group
Here are two journals talking about this incident

I know what you might be thinking and no, I am not speaking just for the plane group, I am speaking for every group. I advise to disable the automatic accept co-founder option on your group and block and report the accounts.
And please, spread this journal so you can protect your group and yourself before this happens to you~...

Scammers Bleh 

These are people who are asked for requests or commissions (mainly point commissions) and receive them, but don't return back or don't do the art at all. They just do it for their own gain. Here's some journals about the most recent ones:

Guys It's time to do something right (UPDATE!))
EDIT 1: I already helped to these lovely people (SO FAR!):

:icontehbludragon: :iconi-heart-derpy: :iconsharkiity: :iconrania-the-candy: :iconxskelletonvampx: :iconfuncatty: :iconwhianem: :iconzoelein733: :iconkhftw: :icontaikutsu-namakemono: :iconthedoctoral: :iconflipgang: :iconbrashart21: :iconmewychewy: :iconxacidslime: :iconrottenb0nes: :iconlazygrump:
I gave 300 points away to help these dudes out.
If I can do it, you can do it too!
These guys deserve all the love right now.

Guys, if you haven't heard as of recently,
there is a scammer on the loose:

And, since I'm very sickened by this girl's action,
<da:thumb id="634391938"/>

Pedophiles Devilish 

Yes, yes. I don't like saying that word either, but they are dangerous people. Please, please be wary of people you meet online. Ask someone if you're not sure of the person. I would hate for one of my friends to fall victim to one of these sick-minded dirt bags. To put it nicely.

I will continue to update this journal as often as I can because this is stuff that people need to know about.

If y'all have any questions feel free to ask me.

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